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I've made a return to playing Clash of Clans, but in a very casual way compared to where I ended up in Emphatic. I've joined Reign of Clash (ROC) that is run by my buddy Scortch. ROC is a group of clans and we're moved around for various matches. I'm only really playing in the clan war league. Again, very casual compared to what I used to be. I don't have any videos from when I moved up from TH10 through TH11 and TH12, but have just hit TH13 and figured I'd make the odd recording here and there if there's an attach I want to remember.

1October 9th, 2021The first clash video I've made in a very long time. Only playing casually and pretty much just in the clan war league. I'm at TH13, but have included at TH12 zap/drag attack at the start being my goto attack at both TH11 and TH12. Also included an edrag attack and a zap/witch.