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Ooopsie, forgot to set the vote question last week. One of those instances where I remembered, then forgot, realized I missed it, meant to update on Monday, forgot on Monday, then just thought “fuck it”. Anyway, the holiday is over and I’m back State side. This week I face the joy of going for a colonoscopy as well as working. Will this week be good or a pain in the arse?

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You've found the EastBayRag vote page. Here, you get the opportunity to let us know what you think. Each week, we will have votes on important issues. Well, probably not important issues, more like trivial things that come to mind on a Sunday morning after a belly full of beer from a Saturday night.

This week's current vote is shown above. After the votes are in, EBR will provide in depth analysis of the results so you can find out if you are running with the crowd or if you're out there on your own. You never know, you may even learn something, but that's highly unlikely. Analysis of last week's vote is shown below. If you want to see historic votes, checkout the vote archives.

Oh! And the cool thing before I forget, the graphs update as you vote ...... Wow! And what's more, the colors are allocated randomly, so each time you refresh the page, you will see different colors on the graphs. (F5 is normally the shortcut key to refresh, but may depend on your browser.) Go on .... try it.

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The following question was presented:

A shopping related question thanks to my son. If you were in the supermarket and picked up a pack of fizzy drinks and one of the cans started spraying everywhere, what would you do?


Walk down the aisle spraying everywhere was the clear winner with 67% of the votes selected from the following:

  • Put it back (33%)
  • Buy it anyway (0%)
  • Walk down the aisle spraying everywhere (67%)


Clearly the majority of you agree with the modern day teenager. He did indeed walk down the aisle spraying soda everywhere

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