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Rd Trip

Hospital Showers

Sadly had a few nights in hospital the other week. Nothing too serious, but definitely something I'd like to avoid. That said, there were several times I managed to amuse myself. I even made a video of my experience using the shower in my room.

Full HD Video (Right click and save as)



Rag's Blogs

Stuff blogs are comments about things I've heard that I found of interest and decided to share. Mostly, this is where I get to point out silly things that I've heard.

Website blogs are little snippets of information about something that has been developed or is in the process of being developed for this website.

The Democratic People's Republic of Blogs

OBlogs are the ramblings of a mate of mine back in the UK. Wanting to see if I could build a tool that was idiot proof for someone to write and edit their own blogs I needed a .... err .... hmmm .... system tester, yeah that's what I was looking for. So I have my first guinea pig. If successful and anyone else wants a go, click the contacts button and shoot me an email.

Specific Topic Blogs

Build Your Own Blog (BYOB) is the pice de rsistance of the EastBayRag blogs. Being even more sad than people give me credit for, I've documented how this website is created and how some of the components work. To be honest, more so that I don't forget and have somewhere to come back and refer to, but if you're thinking of doing something similar this may be of interest to you.

Road Trip America is the story of the sights and sounds from a road trip across the United States that four of us took. Two of these people being Mr O of the OBlogs and myself.

Open Forum (Free for All)

Open Forum is an open place for anyone to post an ariticle. Ever wanted the ability to create your own article without having to create multiple entries. Well, now you have that ability and there's even the option to add a picture to your article if you want to spruce it up. Note, however, these open forums are open so anyone can submit an article. Hopefully this will work and it won't get abused, but we will wait and see. (We are tracking access by IP, so we can find you!!!)


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