Balloon Minion


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Balloon Minion Strategy

The balloon minion strategy is pretty popular and you hear people talk about it every now and again, but I've never seen it in actual play. The concept is fairly straight forward, you lead with your balloons and follow up with minions. Scatter the balloons and then minions along one or two edges of a base and watch them go to work. You want to try and position the balloons so they go toward the air defenses first and therefore destroy the biggest threats to themselves. It really helps to use rage spells on them - more to get them to move quickly than for the power increase.

Balloons target defense buildings first so are susceptible to clan castle troops that can shoot up (archers, wizards, dragons and witches) and the archer queen. A clan castle full of archers will defend against the balloon minion strategy. You can use minions to take care of clan castle troops, but this isn't effective if the clan castle is hard to get to in the center of a base. What I've typically seen is that attackers will carry three or four lightning spells to drop on any clan castle troops that appear. If none appear then the clan castle is either empty or holds troops that can only target ground units. The lightning spells can then be used on any remaining air defenses.

There are a few videos on YouTube that cover this strategy, but to be honest, I didn't think any of them were that great as they didn't deal with all the elements of this strategy. Most of them show raids using rage spells where clan castles are empty and had they been full, the raids would have failed.