Barbarian Archer Rush


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Barbarian Archer Rush

This is likely the first attack strategy that most people will use, particularly as the troops involved are the first two that are unlocked. That said, this strategy is still effective all the way to the top and has the added advantage of being very cheap. The low cost to train your army means that this is an effective method in farming. There are a couple of ways to use this approach, but generally the principle is to overrun a base with a large number of troops. The biggest risk to this strategy are defenses that do splash damage (mortars and wizard towers). Due to the low health of the troops, large numbers can be taken out by the splash damage defenses.

The first method of using this attack is to continue to drip feed troops in using barbarians first, followed up by archers. As each wave gets taken out, replace it. The video below shows how this is done on a high raid.

The second way to use this approach is to surround a base and to keep picking off the external defenses then slowly break into the center. By spreading your troops out in a circle you minimize the impact the splash damage defenses can do as they only end up shooting at one target at a time. This is shown on the following video which was recorded when the game first came out.