Giant Healer


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Giant Healer Strategy

This is one of the first semi sophisticated strategies to learn and is the one I use most of the time during my farming sessions. The principle is to put in giants and then use a healer behind them so they are constantly being healed. Giants will take a large amouont of damage and if they are being healed along the way they can rip through the defenses of most bases. You will generally want to supplement your army with wallbreakers and a combination of barbarians, archers and goblins as giants themselves do relatively low damage. Without wall breakers, they get stuck on walls and you can run out of time on a raid.

The only defensive building you need to worry about is the air defense as a healer will get shot down by one very quickly. Whilst an archer tower or wizard tower can target air units, the giants will get in their range first and they will be attacked before the healer. It is generally adviseable to put your giants in near one or more of the air defenses, let the giant destroy that defense and then release the healer. Healers are also very susceptible to air mines, particularly seeking air mines. Now I'm up to Town Hall 8, I generally carry two healers as I expect one to get taken out by a mine during a raid.

Perhaps one of the most critical elements to a successful giant healer raid is to take care of any defensive clan castle troops and heroes first. Giants will not target anything other than base defenses, so they will let themselves be attacked by any defensive troops without defending themselves until all the base defenses are gone. It is key to destroy the defending troops either with lightning spells or with your attacking troops that don't have a specific target like barbarians and archers.

Here's a video showing how to execute the giant healer strategy.

This is a video of my best raid to date back when I was at Town Hall 6. I managed to get 1.1 million resources on this raid using the giant healer strategy.