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Go Wi Wi Strategy

Another humerously named strategy, this approach is centered on using golems and witches. It seems to be one of the most popular attack strategies with the top players and for high level game play. It's going to be a while before I have strong enough troops to use this, but great to watch when done well. The strategy is somewhat misnamed for the joke factor as it's really designed to get your heroes to the center of a base and then have them take out the town hall. It's really targetted at getting 2 stars on any base and becomes most effective when your heroes are at level 40. Yup, level 40, so gonna be a while as I said. In fairness you can use it at lower levels, the higher level heroes are needed if you're taking on a top base as the extra power and strength helps a lot.

Alright, so how it works is that you first bait out and destroy the defending heroes using barbarians to bait and then wizards and witches to destroy. Next you try to cut three holes in the walls and have three golems move up through them. You really want to follow the middle channel with wallbreakers and have a path to the center cut for your heroes. Use rage spells to help them get to the center and freeze spells on the inferno towers as well as a lightning spell to help deal with clan castle troops. Easier to watch on the following videos by Chief Pat and Godson than to explain.