Hog Riders


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Hog Rider Strategy

Hog Riders are considered to be the most overpowered troop in the game, particularly when they get to level 4 and 5. They are not impeded by walls, have reasonable health and reasonable strength. A well executed hog rider attack should defeat most Town Hall 9 and lower bases. They struggle against Town Hall 10 when inferno towers come into play, particularly when the inferno towers are set to multi target. This is one of the most common strategies being used in Clan Wars because of how effective it is.

Hog Riders, similar to giants target base defenses first before they will attack anything else including any defending troops. A critical component of the hog rider strategy is to destroy the defending clan castle troops and any heroes before launching the attack. The attack itself is about as simple as it gets - launch two streams of hogs fairly close to each other and use heal spells to keep them alive if they hit a giant bomb or start taking a lot of damage.

Chief Pat does a great job of running through this strategy in the video below: