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I've made a return to playing Clash of Clans, but in a very casual way compared to where I ended up in Emphatic. I've joined Reign of Clash (ROC) that is run by my buddy Scortch. ROC is a group of clans and we're moved around for various matches. I'm only really playing in the clan war league. Again, very casual compared to what I used to be. I don't have any videos from when I moved up from TH10 through TH11 and TH12, but have just hit TH13 and figured I'd make the odd recording here and there if there's an attach I want to remember.

5June 12th, 2022Two pretty straight forward edrag attacks. Same formula for both, get the edrags in, try to keep them raged and hope they take out enough of the base so the heroes can clean up as well as protecting blimp while it takes the town hall.
4June 9th, 2022Couple of edrag attacks from clan war league. One very clean and quick (sub 1 minute 30), the other somewhat scuffed but managed to limp through.
3May 18th, 2022Quick video of a TH 14 attack. Good use of sneaky goblins for the town hall to leave a simple queen charge with dragons.
2March 9th, 2022Another CWL video. We did well to stay up in the league we're in as most of the clan is pretty low level. Couple of quick attacks. My first TH14 3 star in CWL and a TH13 3 star.
1October 9th, 2021The first clash video I've made in a very long time. Only playing casually and pretty much just in the clan war league. I'm at TH13, but have included at TH12 zap/drag attack at the start being my goto attack at both TH11 and TH12. Also included an edrag attack and a zap/witch.