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Clan Wars has been a complete game changer in Clash of Clans. I've never understood the trophy system as it doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than for the folks that want to get to the top of the league. For the rest of us, they just control how our day-to-day match ups occur and I guess are somewhat helpful in letting you pick a range where you believe the best farming is. Clan Wars is exactly what we needed and allows for clans to battle other clans. This gives me a reason to put my best attack on a base and to try and 100% it and get three stars. For me, it really allows me to test whether or not I can create an army that can take out an enemy base. I kept a War Log for PwC Warriors that summarizes the battles I've participated in that includes some videos of the raids and tactics used. Since moving on, I've kept some videos from Emphatic Family wars and now the inTENsive clan.

I did stop playing for about five years, but have come back much more casually. After playing with William for a bit, I joined back up with Scortch who has continued to play all this time. I'm now in his group of clans, Reign of Clash

Base Design

Designing a base for clan wars is completely different from designing your regular base. The first thing is that your war base is only attacked during clan wars and you can't have any loot stolen from you. Loot is available during a clan wars attack, but it comes from the game and not your storages. This means that you can put all your mines, pumps and storages on the outside of your base and don't have to worry about protecting them. Working to channel attacking troops through gaps with spring traps in them can be very effective against giants and hogs. Obviously if you can defend against an attack, that's fantastic, failing that you want to try and hold your enemy to one or two stars. That doesn't always mean putting your Town Hall in the center of the base. Sometimes giving up your Town Hall to protect against the 3 stars is the right design decision.

The base below is my first war base. I'm keeping a picture of it for prosperity, but it does show a couple of good features. The positioning of the spring traps messes with giants and hogs. In addition, this base is designed to make it hard to pull out the clan castle troops. The clan castle is not in range of any exterior buildings so you have to send in something like a hog to trigger the clan castle troops .... which does happen.

war base


Here's where the real fun starts. You get the opportunity to scout your enemy's base before you launch an attack. Use this to your advantage and plan your attack accordingly. There are many attack strategies available to you for your attack and every base design has its weaknesses. Building the right troops to attack a base will make all the difference between getting 3 stars or failing.

Should every attack be a 3 star attack? No. There are some bases where it's just not possible to get in and achieve all three stars (unless you are cheating with a mod), particularly when the bases have higher town halls with maxed out defenses. In these instances, it makes sense to focus on 2 stars. Find a way to cut through to the Town Hall and take it out whilst inflicting at least 50% damage during the process. It's up the clan to figure out how to maximize the number of stars the team can get. You're not going to win consistently if you aren't able to get 3 star attacks in, so it's important to get as many of those as possible.

There is one piece of advice I will offer for every attack and that is that you need to have a plan for how to deal with the defending clan castle troops. That plan may be to use a dragon rush and just rage your dragons when they enter combat with the defending troops, but more often it needs to be better thought through. In order to do this effectively, you have to accept that you are going to need to sacrifice a number of troops at the beginning of the raid. The way to deal with clan castle troops is to find a way to pull them out of the clan castle then either zap them with a lightning spell or pull them to the side, out of range of the base defenses and then attack them with your troops. I prefer this latter method as the lighning spell can be hit or miss depending on how well the clan castle troops have grouped. Also, many troops require more than one spell to destroy them. That said, it's still an effective method if done right.

Now, if you really want to be clever, there are a couple of adaptations you can make to each approach. If you are using the lightning spell approach and are able to pull the defending troops over a building that you want to destroy, you can get a 2 for 1 by killing the defending troops and a building at the same time. This takes a bit of practice, but is highly effective if done right. If you are using the troop approach and are able to pull the defending troops to the point where you want to launch your attack, any remaining troops will join your attack force after destroying the defenders.

The last and most important piece of advice is to have fun with it. It's a game. Do your best to win, but enjoy!