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Base/Village development

Most people playing the game want to advance their buildings and troops to make them more powerful leading to more attack strategies being available and more exciting battles. But it takes time. A lot of time. The fastest way to advance is to pay for gems and use them on upgrades. Is this wrong? Absolutely not. I wouldn't think twice about spending $60 on an Xbox game, so there's no reason not to spend. But be warned. It costs a measly $11,000 to max out your base and it's very easy to sink a lot of money into the game. Not a problem at all if this is your thing and you've got the money. My advice - if you are going to spend money, use it on things that will last like builders and heroes. If you're interested, I have spent $5 on the game to help buy my fourth builder.

So, it's unlikely that you're going to spend $11,000 on the game, which means you need to accumulate resources in order to progress. Some of those resources will come from your mines, pumps and drills, but the majority you are going to need to take in raids. The concept of farming is pretty simple, you need to maximize the resources you get from raids whilst minimizing the amount that is taken from you when you are raided.

Base Design

The basic idea is to build a protective layer around your resources and leave your Town Hall on the outside. The hope is that someone comes along and destroys your Towh Hall giving you a 12 hour shield. If they do this without attacking any other part of your base then you only lose 1,000 gold and 1,000 elixir. A very small price to pay for a 12 hour shield. It doesn't always work and you still get anhiliated from time to time, but it's surprising how often it does work. I have no idea who actually looks for farmers just to take out their Town Hall, but there are people that do and I'll take it.

There are many designs you can look up. This is one of my current bases (I have two accounts). This is a design I came up with towards the end of being a Town Hall 8. It works quite well as it's difficult to get to the clan castle troops and the resources, particularly the dark elixir are well protected. The extra squares that are empty are there to confuse wallbreakers as they will go to the nearest enclosed compartment. The idea is to require a lot of wallbreakers before you get to the inner wall.

Probably the most important defense is your clan castle. It really helps to be in a clan where everybody donates as this helps keep your clan castle full. In regular play, I tend to find that a clan castle full of archers is the most versatile defense. If you put your clan castle in the middle it makes it harder for an attacker to bait out your defending troops and destroy them. If the attacker commits before dealing with your clan castle troops they will generally cut right through the attackers, particularly if the attack is being led by giants.

The other element I've found that I'd recommend is to make little channels that giants will walk through and put spring traps in there. I use this strategy in my war base as I've found it to be really effective. There's nothing worse than launching an assault led by giants only to watch them fly off the screen.

Farming Attacks

Before we get into how to attack using a farming strategy, there's a couple of things that I find really helpful. The first is that I generally raid with an objective in mind, so something like trying to get 2.5 million gold to upgrade a tesla. It then really helps if you can stop people stealing from you whilst you're trying to reach your objective. The game will not allow you to be attacked whilst you are online. It therefore helps to keep your account active during a farming session. Annoyingly there is a something written into the game where you have to acknowledge that you are online every 5 minutes, so you need to keep tapping a button whilst you are training troops. Sunday afternoon with sports on in the background is a good way keep yourself occupied whilst you're doing this. The game also forces a five minute break every six hours.

Troop Composition

The objective with your troop composition is to build an army as cheap as possible that will enable you to take all the resources from your enemy. It is critical that you get more resources from the raid that it costs you, otherwise you're going to run out of elixir pretty quickly. Also, keep your troops training whilst you are attacking to minimize the wait time after a raid before you can raid again.

The backbone of all farming raids is Giants, Wallbreakers, Archers and Goblins. Use the giants as meat shields to protect your other troops whilst they go in and steal the resources. Use the wallbreakers to break through walls if you need to get your goblins inside otherwise save them. Don't worry about winning or losing the raid, your aim is to get as many of the resources as cheaply as possible. If all the mines and pumps are on the outside of an enemy's walls and his storages are inside but empty or have little in them, leave them. Evaluate how much extra it will cost to break inside against what you will get back.


Generally it doesn't pay to use spells. The cost of spells are very high and it therefore increases the amount of loot needed in order to break even. Additionally, spells take a long time to make, so if you use them then they won't be available in your next raid. I use spells sparingly (as well as clan castle troops, which I generally keep for defense). Typically I will only use spells if they will make a big difference in a raid or if there is one of those raids that has so much loot available, you need to drop what you have to make sure you clean up.

What Base to Attack?

The “mother load” is when you find an abandoned base that has its mines and pumps full. It's even better if these are on the outside of the walls making it easy to raid. The trouble is these bases are hard to find and you can generally spend 30 minutes at a time looking for them. Lazy farming is when you only use giants, wallbreakers, archers and goblins and look for bases with a lot of loot. The video below is a great guide on how to do this:

The trouble is that I don't have the patience to to search for 30 minutes and I'd rather do 2 raids for 350,000 resources than wait in the hope of finding one for 700,000. Obviously, when the opportunity presents itself I will take it. I generally add 2 healers into my troop composition so I can use the giant healer strategy when I need to assault a base. That said, everybody loves a big raid. The video below shows 4 big raids done on the same day. Three were mine and John from our clan did the other one.

Download higher resolution video (359mb)

Last, even though Chief Pat laid out his lazy farming strategy, he then produced this video where he did a big raid and his troop composition had 2 dragons in it. If you can get a dragon in your clan castle, it does really help as you can use it if you need it. The difficulty with including one in your army is that they take up a lot of space. There is no perfect troop composition, but if you build the backbone around giants, wallbreakers, archers and goblins, you won't go wrong. Play around with additional troops to see what you're comfortable with and don't be afraid to experiment. It's part of the fun of the game.

In an attempt to coin another phrase, if you haven't got the patience to search for lazy farming bases, try “bully farming” which is where you're looking for bases at one town hall level lower than you are that are saving up for an upgrade and have a lot of resources in their storages. As the base is a lower level, you should be able to take it out pretty easily and steal all the resources. This is where using something like the giant healer strategy comes in handy as it gives you enough fire power (albeit defensive support in this case) to take on any lower level bases. Just watch out for the clan castle troops.