Clash of Clans Resources


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This is simply a list of the resources that I have found really helpful on the web.

General Clash Info

Clash Wiki

The definitive guide to all things Clash is the Clash of Clans Wiki. The wiki provides information regarding all the buildings, troops and spells as well as information about all elements of the gameplay. I use this site a lot to find out exactly what a troop will do or production rates of pumps, mines and drills.

Chief Pat

Chief Pat's YouTube Channel is one of the most helpful video sources for the game, particularly if you are new. He has run and is running several series from a “Let's Play” to the ”Quest to the Top 200”.


Galadon is another of the most popular clash YouTubers, Clash of Clans Attacks is the name of his channel and definitely worth watching as he's very entertaining. Stay watching until the end of each video to hear Peter17&336;'s comments.


Like Chief Pat, Godson's YouTube Channel is full of some great videos with some good tips. He's also a lot of fun to listen to.

Base Builder

A useful site if you want to play around and design a base before putting it into action.

Clan Wars

There are several YouTubers that have really focused on winning clan wars by perfecting 3 star attacks. If you want to take the game seriously and be competitive in clan wars, these channels are a must.

OneHive Raids

Jake from OneHive Raids provides war recaps, how to videos to learn techniques, live raids and much more.

Clashing With Matty

Matty provides video replays from Emphatic Elite. Similar to Jake, Matty provides in depth detail and commentary on three star attacks.

Powerbang Gaming

Powerbang Gaming, similar to the two above, provides three star attack details from Wiz Honor Face.