Back in the UK, I've been known to turn up to race tracks from time to time to watch various events. In fact, I've been to see most kinds of racing from Peugeot 205's to Formula 1. Anyway, Christmas 2006 back in Blighty and I turned to me old mucker and said "fancy going to see NASCAR?" He phones me a couple of months later and says "if you're interested in Vegas, then yeah, I'm up for it." Why not? So we went and I guess the rest is history. Totally fell in love with everything - the racing, atmosphere, people, the whole enchilada.

Here are some pictures from the races I've been fortunate enough to have seen. I have many more pictures than those displayed. If you have a favorite driver or want any of the full resolution images, search the photo database or click on the contact button and email me your request. Follow the links and enjoy.

linkim0 2020 LVMS February Sprint Cup Race linkim1 2019 LVMS March Sprint Cup Race
linkim2 2019 LVMS March Xfinity Race linkim3 2018 LVMS September Sprint Cup Race
linkim4 2018 LVMS March Sprint Cup Race linkim5 2018 LVMS March Xfinity Race
linkim6 2017 LVMS Sprint Cup Race linkim7 2017 LVMS Xfinity Race
linkim8 2016 LVMS Sprint Cup Race linkim9 2016 LVMS Xfinity Race
linkim10 2015 Sonoma Sprint Cup Race linkim11 2015 LVMS Sprint Cup Race
linkim12 2015 LVMS Nationwide Race linkim13 2014 LVMS Sprint Cup Race
linkim14 2014 LVMS Nationwide Race linkim15 2013 Sonoma Sprint Cup Race
linkim16 2013 LVMS Sprint Cup Race linkim17 2013 LVMS Nationwide Race
linkim18 2012 Texas Motor Speedway Sprint Cup Race linkim19 2012 Sonoma Sprint Cup Race
linkim20 2012 Sonoma K&N Pro Series West linkim21 2012 LVMS Sprint Cup Race
linkim22 2012 LVMS Nationwide Race linkim23 2012 Phoenix Sprint Cup Race
linkim24 2011 LVMS Camping World Truck Race linkim25 2011 Sonoma Sprint Cup Race
linkim26 2011 Sonoma K&N Pro Series West Race linkim27 2011 LVMS Sprint Cup Race
linkim28 2011 LVMS Nationwide Race linkim29 2011 Phoenix Sprint Cup Race
linkim30 2011 Phoenix Nationwide Race linkim31 2011 Phoenix Camping World Truck Series Race
linkim32 2010 Sonoma Sprint Cup Race linkim33 2010 Sonoma Thunder Valley Casino 200
linkim34 2010 LVMS Sprint Cup Race linkim35 2010 LVMS Nationwide Race
linkim36 2010 Fontana Sprint Cup Race February linkim37 2009 Sonoma Sprint Cup Race
linkim38 2009 Sonoma Bennett Lane Winery 200 linkim39 2009 LVMS Sprint Cup Race - Shelby 427
linkim40 2009 LVMS Nationwide Race linkim41 2009 Daytona 500
linkim42 2008 Sonoma Sprint Cup Race linkim43 2008 Sonoma Bennett Lane Winery 200
linkim44 2007 Sonoma Nextel Race linkim45 2007 Sonoma NASCAR West Series
linkim46 2007 LVMS Nextel Race linkim47 2007 LVMS Busch Race