Birding Trips


Many of our recent outings have morphed into birding trips. Something that has now become a cross between birding and photography, most of these trips are designed to see what photos I can get of various birds (and occasionally other animals found along the way). You may find that I've incorrectly identified the odd bird or two - if so, feel free to send me an email with the corrections.

linkim0 Hayward Shoreline July 2016 linkim1 Las Gallinas July 2016
linkim2 Garin July 2016 linkim3 Tilden July 2016
linkim4 Castle Rock June 2016 linkim5 Heather Farm June 2016
linkim6 Hayward Shoreline September 2013 linkim7 Old Borges Ranch August 2013
linkim8 Heather Farm August 2013 linkim9 Las Gallinas July 2013
linkim10 Corn Creek March 2013 linkim11 Lodi December 2012
linkim12 Bempton Cliffs July 2012 linkim13 Lake Lagunitas June 2012
linkim14 Hayward Shoreline June 2012 linkim15 Old Borges Ranch May 2012 Again
linkim16 Humbolt Bay National Wildlife Refuge May 2012 linkim17 Old Borges Ranch May 2012
linkim18 Pleasanton Ridge May 2012 linkim19 Garin May 2012
linkim20 Las Trampas May 2012 linkim21 Arrowhead Marsh May 2012
linkim22 Mitchell Canyon May 2012 linkim23 Castle Rock May 2012
linkim24 Mines Road May 2012 linkim25 Tilden April 2012
linkim26 Coyote Hills April 2012 linkim27 Heather Farm April 2012
linkim28 Black Diamond Mines April 2012 linkim29 Las Gallinas April 2012
linkim30 Lake Merritt November 2011 linkim31 Lake Temescal October 2011
linkim32 Las Gallinas September 2011 linkim33 Heather Farm August 2011
linkim34 Frampton Marsh August 2011 Part II linkim35 Rutland Water August 2011
linkim36 River Thames on a Boat by Windsor August 2011 linkim37 Denton Reservoir August 2011
linkim38 Frampton Marsh August 2011 linkim39 Cley Marsh August 2011 Part II
linkim40 Blakeney Duck Pond linkim41 Cley Marsh August 2011
linkim42 Whisby July 2011 linkim43 Marston July 2011
linkim44 Washoe Valley Drive July 2011 linkim45 Davis Creek Regional Park July 2011
linkim46 Spooner Lake July 2011 linkim47 Castle Rock June 2011
linkim48 Las Gallinas May 2011 linkim49 Garin March 2011
linkim50 Heather Farm March 2011 linkim51 Corn Creek March 2011
linkim52 My Parent's Garden in February 2011 linkim53 Marston in February 2011
linkim54 Frampton Marsh February 2011 linkim55 Whisby Valentines Day, 2011
linkim56 Point Reyes Gray Whales October 2010 linkim57 Orinda Garden First Half of 2010
linkim58 Castle Rock July 2010 linkim59 Garin June 2010
linkim60 Alpine Meadows June 2010 linkim61 Tahoe Meadows / Squaw Valley / Fanny Bridge June 2010
linkim62 Spooner Lake June 2010 linkim63 Pleasanton Ridge May 2010 (Is that a snake in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?)
linkim64 Morgan Territory May 2010 (That right there, that be Morgan Territory) linkim65 Black Diamond Mines May 2010
linkim66 Lake Temescal Gray Day in May 2010 linkim67 Castle Rock May 2010
linkim68 Tilden Jewell Lake May 2010 linkim69 Garin April 2010
linkim70 Coyote Hills Common Moorhen January 2010 linkim71 Lake Temescal January 2010
linkim72 Heather Farm Over The Christmas Holidays 2010 linkim73 Orinda Garden late 2009
linkim74 Las Gallinas Black Swan October 2009 linkim75 Coyote Hills Pectoral Sandpiper September 2009
linkim76 Lake Temescal September 2009 linkim77 Other England Bird Photos September 2009
linkim78 Belton Golf Course Birding September 2009 linkim79 Woody's September 2009
linkim80 Whisby September 2009 linkim81 Arrowhead Marsh Stingray August 2009
linkim82 Heather Farm Green Heron August 2009 linkim83 Alameda Creek / Quarry Lakes Little Blue Heron August 2009
linkim84 Hayward Shoreline (Frank's Dump) August 2009 linkim85 Riggs Canyon July 2009
linkim86 Glen Canyon Park Mystery Bird July 2009 linkim87 Contra Loma Burrowing Owl July 2009
linkim88 Las Gallinas July 2009 linkim89 Orinda Garden First Six Months of 2009
linkim90 Heather Farm June 2009 linkim91 Coyote Hills Re-visited June 2009
linkim92 Tilden June 2009 linkim93 Garin Again June 2009
linkim94 Golden Gate Park North Lake Wood Duck, May 2009 linkim95 Black Diamond Mines May 2009
linkim96 Roberts Regional Recreation Area May 2009 linkim97 Las Trampas May 2009
linkim98 Mitchell Canyon May 2009 linkim99 Castle Rock Trail - Mount Diablo Foothills May 2009
linkim100 Garin Orioles April 2009 linkim101 Mines Road April 2009
linkim102 Arrowhead Marsh for Clapper Rail April 2009 linkim103 Coyote Hills and the owl at Hoot Hollow April 2009
linkim104 Lake Merritt Tufty In March 2009 linkim105 Caesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, February 2009
linkim106 White Slough Walk February 2009 linkim107 Arrowhead Marsh On A Dull Sunday in January 2009
linkim108 Crown Beach January 2009 linkim109 Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park January 2009
linkim110 Lake Merritt January 2009 linkim111 Don Edwards Refuge at Christmas 2008
linkim112 Las Gallinas at Christmas 2008 linkim113 Orinda Garden New Bird Feeder December 2008
linkim114 Orinda Garden September-November 2008 linkim115 Don Edwards Refuge Re-visited November 2008
linkim116 McNabney Marsh November 2008 linkim117 Lake Merritt November 2008
linkim118 Rush Ranch November 2008 linkim119 Las Gallinas November 2008
linkim120 Orinda Garden August 2008 linkim121 Lafayette Reservoir August 2008
linkim122 Orinda Garden June/July 2008 linkim123 Crissy Fields June 2008
linkim124 Las Gallinas June 2008 linkim125 Don Edwards Refuge LaRiviere June 2008
linkim126 Golden Gate Park Revisited May 2008 linkim127 Lake Merced Macro Photography April 2008
linkim128 Golden Gate Park, April 2008 linkim129 Birds of The Back Garden, England, January 2008