OK, so we're randomly going throught he entire catalog of pictures in the grid above. All the pictures are being forced into a set size which works for most of them, however, any portrait pictures are going to be distorted into a landscape frame. Double click any picture to see a larger version of it (in the correct proportions).



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Geotagged Pictures

Find pictures that have been geottagged and display them on a map.

Tracks plotted
Animal pictures plotted


The photo database can be used to search for photos by tags. Some of these are very detailed, for example by NASCAR driver or different types of bird.

EBR Photo Database

Quick Tag List

The quick tag list is a listing of commonly used tags to perform quick photo searches. This option doesn't offer the detail or flexibility of the photo database, but it is quicker and easier to use if you have a high level idea of what you are looking for.

EBR Quick Tag Photo List

Animal Statistics

Find statistics on the photos taken of each animal. Use the animal statistic selection page to pick the creature of your choice, then drill down into a dashboard of information. Alternatively, use the animal places selection page to view information about locations and drill down to the animals.

Animal Statistics Selection Page
Animal Places Selection Page


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