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The long weekend is over for Thanksgiving and it's back to a busy week for the final push to Christmas. Only four weeks left until I head home for the holidays. Watching the world cup should make that more bearable as it'll give me something to focus on. This week seems to be the week of doctors - I had my covid booster yesterday and have three doctor appointments this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. None of these are critical, just check ins really, but I will end up with several tests I'm sure. Will I survive the week without finding a new ailment?

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The following question was presented:

Ah yes, another four years have passed and it's time to get my hopes up again that England will perform in the World Cup. How well do you think England will do in the 2022 World Cup?


Quater Finals was the clear winner with 40% of the votes selected from the following:

  • Group Stage (20%)
  • Round of 16 (20%)
  • Quater Finals (40%)
  • Fourth (0%)
  • Third (0%)
  • Second (0%)
  • Winners (20%)


A spread on the vote answers from being knocked out in the group stage to being the overall winners. We got off to a good start against Iran, but the showing against the US was abysmal. I've now gone into survival mode and not being worried about how badly we play, just hoping we can survive until the next round. It does look like we'll get through the group stages, but I'm not sure we'll get much further in the competition. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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