Links to Sites of Interest or Those That I've Found Helpful


Daily Nugget

Stuff I Use

107.7 The Bone local Bay Area Rock station that I listen to.
Bay Area Hiker provides a great insight into the walks and trails that I go on to take my photos.
DP Challenge a digital photography challenge site that is brimming with inspiration and talent.


Formula 1 the ultimate form of motor racing
Leicester City the best football / soccer club in the world
Leicester Tigers by far and away the best rugby team in the world
NASCAR my chosen “sport” in America due to my passion for motor racing

GNU/Free Software

Artie.com animated gifs
Apache webserver software that allows you to show your site to the public
Crimson Editor a text based language editor used to write the code for PHP, javascript, XHTML etc.
Certbot is used to automatically update the SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt.
hMailServer email server software to host your own email domain
Inadyn utility to update dynamic IP address. (edit http://www.inadyn.ina-tech.net no longer working)
Let's Encrypt provides free SSL to enable encryption and the use of https.
MariaDB The open source fork of MySQL after the latter was purchased by Oracle.
Miro Video Converter fantastic utility to convert videos - essential if you have to create multiple formats to support all the browser with HTML 5.
Mozilla Firefox for web browsing and Thunderbird as an email client.
MySQL is a database engine used to store and retrieve data as needed.
Open Office an alternative to MS office that gives you wordprocessing, spreadsheets, user database and presentation applications.
Perl scripting language.
PHP allows you to script pages and images dynamically on the server before they are sent to the user's browser.
SoundManager2 enables a javascript interface to Flash so you can play sound through Flash from javascript. Sadly, Flash is no longer supported.
SSL Explorer secure remote connection to your network. Useful to connect by SSL then use the VNC. There is a community edition of the software if you search the site.
Tight VNC remote virtual network computing (VNC) utility to connect to PC/server remotely.
Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Information to Help With Website Setup

DSL Webserver is a great site that details how to setup your own website should you choose to host one yourself. (edit http://www.dslwebserver.com no longer working)
W3C Validator online utility to verify that your webpages conform to the html standards.
Zone Edit domain hosting to register your website domain name.
Stack Overflow is the best source of help when trying to figure out why something doesn't work. Time and again, the answer to a problem is found on this site after pluggin in the problem to a search engine.


Code Lifter
Dynamic Drive
Javascript Source
The Stickman


GPSed GPS tracking on your mobile device and ability to geotag photos. (edit http://gpsed.com no longer working)
GPS Babel tool to convert GPS data into different formats.
GMapToGPX utility to convert a map created in Google Maps to a GPX track.
GPS Visualizer tool to display a track on an interactive map (e.g. Google Maps).
Google Maps Interactive map to find things and get directions. Also to display tracks on (once you generate your own API Key).
GPX Loader javascript to load gpx file into google maps (link removed as no longer active, but can still be googled and found on other sites)
Acme Mapper map tool that I borrowed some javascript from to load different topography onto google maps

Commercial Software

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements for photo and video editing.
Microsoft O/S (useful utilities/applications Robocopy, Visual Studio Express, Media Player, Messenger).