Fun Stuff is the place where you will find things that you can interact with or experiment with. Anything I can think up that seems like it might be fun (or not, as the case may be). Honestly, a lot of this stuff was written back in 2007/2008 when the site started and it was really cool then. There's a lot better ways to do most of this now, but I like keeping it around to remind me of the journey I've been on. I've even kept the old gifs.

Quiz Do you think you've got what it takes to beat a drunken bumpkin? The quiz questions are from “Ye Olde English Pub” quiz.

Caption Competition is pretty much what you'd expect - pictures that have been taken that lend themselves to different captions. Take a look and see how creative you can be. Oh - by way of quick side note - there's not actually a competition so don't get your hopes up to think you can win something other than honorable title of “Supreme Being of Caption Competitions” if that makes you happy.

Graffiti is a place where you are allowed creative freedom to express yourself. As the name implies, this is a graffiti wall where you can put your jokes, slogans, limericks, puns, wit and basically anything you think is funny. Take a look and have a go, why not?

Race Game is a fantasy racing game. You can enter competitions to see how your ability to pick drivers and teams compares to others. Each competition has a points system that is described in that competitions details. Register for a competition, follow the rules and see how you do. Sorry - no prizes, just bragging rights.

ASCII Fun is a by product of some of the developing that has been done in other areas of the website. There have been times that I've needed to know what ASCII code is required for a specific ASCII character (or vice versa). The ASCII pages do that and also make other things happen as well.

Ex-Perry-Mental is nothing more than pages I've created to try out different things in javascript. Typically this is to get things to move around the screen, change color and make different noises. As it progresses, it will get more interactive, but don't expect too much. It's one of those things to take a quick look at if you're bored. Probably worth noting that it may play havoc with your pop-up blocker, so if you don't want to turn your blocker off, probably best not click this link. Best results from latest browser versions.

Random is just that - a means of generating random things. There's a random number generator for individual number or series, along with a crypto generator to create cryptographically random strings. In addition, ChartGen is a really simple graph generator that allows you to create graphs based on your input. It uses the GD library in PHP and is what I use to dynamically create the graphs on this site, for example those used in the vote or when you select an animal from the animal stats page.


RagBox is a music player that contains my catalog of songs. It's designed for my own use - so I can stream music over the web. It actually has quite a lot of functionality - you can shuffle the entire catalog or makes specific selections (by album or song) to create your own playlists. You can create and save your own playlists if you have a desire to do so. RagBoxLight is a skinnied down version of RagBox to play on mobile devices. RagBoxLight allows shuffle play from the entire catalog or to pick a playlist. (Note RagBox and RagBoxLite not available due to music share issues)