Honestly, everything here was really cool when I created the site back in 2007, but it's kind of old news now and just looks like something that was created back in 2007. I'm keeping it as a record to what I've done and I might come back to it in the future and make updates/enhancements.

ExPerryMental started as a single page that I was using to try things out in JavaScript. Just to get things to move around the screen, play noises and the like. Very soon that page became a bit cluttered with the multiple things that I created so I've now broken it down into smaller parts so you can find what you're looking for (or at least know what you're supposed to be looking at). If you want to look at it all working together, I've still left the full page with control panel intact (last link below).

Have Fun and Enjoy!

Bounce is a simple starting point. Simply the EBR logo flying round the screen and the ability to turn music on and off.

Chequers allows you the ability to create different patterns with up to 36 background boxes that change color randomly.

Text Play is probably the most fun part of the ExPerryMental set. It allows you to place text on the screen, then to have it rotate in different shapes and float round the screen or follow the mouse.

Ex-Perry-Mental is the full monty. All of the above on a single page, so the ability to make the background change colors in different formats, have the logo flying round the screen whilst text follows the mouse with music in the background. Oh and you can also see code runners. These aren't really anything other than the random numbers used to position everything so you can see them change.

Draggables was created more recently than the other pages above, but was still back around 2012 I think when I updated to HTML 5. It's movable objects that can be dropped and added to lists. I was going to use it as the means to update the race game or other forms, but there ended up not being a need to incorporate it at that time.


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