You made it past the rather dramatic hero page or maybe you just ended up on this page to start with and are intrigued as to what this site is all about. EastBayRag is pretty much a playground where I go to undertake little projects. A distraction from the general grind of daily life, scripting in PHP and manipulating data in a Maria database (formerly a MySql db). It provides me something to focus on from time to time that takes all of my attention and becomes my escape. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I create something and it works. In this world of self esteem, I have to say that I never cease to amaze myself!

The Webiste actually started as a small project to create something that I could control that would enable me to share photos with the family and allow them to easily view and download files (without having to order prints). After many late nights and beers it has blossomed into a whole lot more. The photos taken on routes are now geotagged and displayed on Google maps along with lots of other things to explore.

Initially I thought it would be a good idea to include some sort of blog section within the site. That then grew into the thought that I could host blogs for other people so I drafted my buddy “Mr O” from the UK to add content to the blogs, although he's been quiet for a long time (at least here anyway). Next came the idea of allowing other people to interact so the fun stuff section was born with things like a graffiti wall, quiz, caption competition and much more including breaking new ground to figure out how to use javascript to get stuff to move about the screen and do things. All of this serves no purpose what-so-ever, but sometimes you just gotta do things because ....

There's a site map that puts the contents of the site into some kind of order. You can find the site map on the bottom of any page, but you should be good with the navbar at the top to get you to the major areas. So where does it all end? What's the ultimate end game? Well, never let it be said that I'm anything but transparent - if you're interested, take a look at the EastBayRag (EBR) Business Plan.

The remainder of this page provides some highlights from across the site. Have fun! Enjoy! And feel free to contact me.


Showing random photos from the photos section of the site. There's some sense of order to them, but they have been taken from an array of different places .... from NASCAR to bird watching, they're all there.


This Week's Vote

Each week we host a different vote on this site. It's generally something around a completely meaningless topic and should definitely not be taken seriously. It is, however, a tradition I've kept for the past 16 and a half years.

This week's question: Will anyone be able to beat me in the 2024 F1 race game?


No is winning with 57% of the votes submitted to date.


Full vote details including results and analysis of previous votes.

“The Countdown”


But what are we counting down? Is this the end of the world? The end of the website? Or something completely different? Only time will tell. Quite a lot of time right now as this is a pretty long timer as far as timers go. We're in not rush though. Particularly if this is the end of something.

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2024 F1 Race Game

A new Formula 1 season is upon us and the race game is setup for all to play. There are very few changes this year, but will the cars perform the same? Let's see how good you are at predicting the top ten each race. The game is really simple, you need to pick 10 drivers that you think will finish in the top 10 positions of each race. In order to play, you must be registered with EastBayRag. You then need to logon (when you try to access the page or any other page that requires logon, you will be taken to the logon screen).

There are literally only two steps to play the game:

1. Go to 2024 F1 Game registration and register.

2. Go to selections for the first race to make your initial selections.

You can leave it there. Your selections will copy over to all the races so you will score points each week. You can update your selections for any race up until the race is locked (set to be two hours prior to the official race start time). You will be able to see practice and qualifying before you make changes to allow you to make any updates for drivers performing above or below what you expect for any given race.

The points system is pretty simple - you start with 150 points. You lose a point for each position each of your predictions finishes away from where you predicted them to finish (e.g. if you predict Lewis Hamilton to finish third and he wins, you lose two points. If he finished seventh, you would lose 4 points). You gain 10 bonus points for every correct prediction making 250 points the maximum that can be scored each week if you guess all 10 positions correctly.

Any updates can be made from your race game account by selecting the appropriate competition.

Good luck!

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2024 F1 Season
Leader Board

Here are the current standings in the latest fantasy race game competition.

Team NameTotal
Take it to the Max190
What You're Proposing172
Juan Fell Swoop170
dad's duffers133


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