Back in the UK, I've been known to turn up to race tracks from time to time to watch various events. In fact, I've been to see most kinds of racing from Peugeot 205's to Formula 1. Anyway, Christmas 2006 back in Blighty and I turned to me old mucker and said "fancy going to see NASCAR?" He phones me a couple of months later and says "if you're interested in Vegas, then yeah, I'm up for it." Why not? So we went and I guess the rest is history. Totally fell in love with everything - the racing, atmosphere, people, the whole enchilada.

Here are some pictures from the races I've been fortunate enough to have seen. I have many more pictures than those displayed. If you have a favorite driver or want any of the full resolution images, search the photo database or click on the contact button and email me your request. Follow the links and enjoy.