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Right, well, it's time to get myself a small rear jack. That way when I get caught scratching my bollocks I can say I wasn't, it was the rear jack and that doesn't count as touching it (or them). Seriously though, are we going to see anything other than a Red Bull win a grand prix this season?

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You've found the EastBayRag vote page. Here, you get the opportunity to let us know what you think. Each week, we will have votes on important issues. Well, probably not important issues, more like trivial things that come to mind on a Sunday morning after a belly full of beer from a Saturday night.

This week's current vote is shown above. After the votes are in, EBR will provide in depth analysis of the results so you can find out if you are running with the crowd or if you're out there on your own. You never know, you may even learn something, but that's highly unlikely. Analysis of last week's vote is shown below. If you want to see historic votes, checkout the vote archives.

Oh! And the cool thing before I forget, the graphs update as you vote ...... Wow! And what's more, the colors are allocated randomly, so each time you refresh the page, you will see different colors on the graphs. (F5 is normally the shortcut key to refresh, but may depend on your browser.) Go on .... try it.

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The following question was presented:

There's an element of more context to this question if you read the analysis of the previous vote's question, but it's not required. Given all the focus on emoji's, there's really only one question I'm going to ask this week. Which of the following is your most used or favorite emoji?


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🤢, 😎 and 🍑 tied with 15% of the votes each from the following selection:

  • 😀 (8%)
  • 😂 (8%)
  • 😚 (8%)
  • 🤢 (15%)
  • 😛 (8%)
  • 😎 (15%)
  • 🥱 (8%)
  • 😈 (8%)
  • 🍆 (8%)
  • 🍑 (15%)


Right, well I'm going to guess that only three people voted and it was split between barfing, cool and the peach. I need to write a blog about what's going on, but I'm being hit by something from Google that's causing the extra votes. I suspect it's their new AI that they officially released this week, but I do believe they've been using it under the covers for a while .... more to come (that's what she said).