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‘Tis the big move this Wednesday into my new house. The website will go down Wednesday morning for me to move the EBR server farm to its new location. What day this week will I get the website back up after the move on Wednesday?

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The following question was presented:

With all the phenomenal sporting events that have gone on this weekend, notably Lewis Hamilton winning again and doing it on home soil, along with the England football team winning on penalties (I didn’t even know that was an option, I’m so used to watching us go out to those), we have to ask a sporting question and we’ll go with football. Now we’re down to the semi finals, let’s see if you can predict the winner. Which country do you think will win the major soccer tournament going on?


Uruguay was the clear winner with 40% of the votes selected from the following:

  • Argentina (30%)
  • Canada (20%)
  • Columbia (10%)
  • Uruguay (40%)


First, let me say congratulations to Spain for winning Euro 2024. As disappointed as I am, I have to acknowledge that Spain were the best team throughout the tournament and the better team in the final. England did get better as the tournament went on, but just didn’t have enough to win.

Moving on to the subject of the question, Argentina were victorious taking the country and Messi to new records in the Copa America, so congratulations to them too. I did vote for Uruguay. I thought they played well to get to the semi final, but sadly they didn’t progress any further. Looks like the majority of you either thought or hoped it would be Uruguay.