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I seem to have a rather busy week coming up with a trip into San Francisco, multiple doctor appointments and lab appointments. Nothing critical going on, just checkups with various people. There's also a lot going on at work which is a good thing. Which day will prove to be the busiest this week?

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The following question was presented:

Alright, the race is on. I ordered my bike and William's car a couple of week's ago. The bike was quoted as 8-12 weeks and the car 8-10 weeks. Do you think William's car or my bike will arrive first?


Bike and Same Day tied with 40% of the votes each from the following selection:

  • Car (20%)
  • Bike (40%)
  • Same Day (40%)


Interesting, I was the only one that voted for car. Given the car is coming from Japan and the bike from Poland, I kind of figured I'd back the Japanese efficiency. At this point, there's no indication from either and no further estimate of delivery date, so it's still unknown which will arrive first. William did wonder if one of the F1 teams could bring his car over given they were in Japan this week and are in the US in a few weeks time. Perhaps Lewis could have driven it over for him.