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Earlier this week I said to William that I was worried I was losing my hair on my crown and would look like a monk. He said he hadn’t noticed, but when I bent down to show him he said oh yeah, you’ve got the …. What was the term William used to describe my hairstyle?

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Mr O
4th December 2023
It happens to us all. Best to live in denial

You've found the EastBayRag vote page. Here, you get the opportunity to let us know what you think. Each week, we will have votes on important issues. Well, probably not important issues, more like trivial things that come to mind on a Sunday morning after a belly full of beer from a Saturday night.

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Thanksgiving is over and we're on the final run in to Christmas. It's that weird time of year in America where not a lot of change happens. Everyone's just keeping their heads down between the holidays looking to get their shopping and everything else done before the next holiday. All that said, I seem to have put my back out somehow. Will my back be better by the time I fly back to England for Christmas?


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Well, seems like most of you think I’ll be good to go and I certainly hope so. That said, I’m a week in and it’s still pretty bad. Trying to make sure I don’t do anything that will aggravate it between now and my trip. Which is a really silly thing to say when you think about it, as it’s not like I try to aggravate it at other times.