I win again

(Posted 14:54:44 on 21st November 2011 by Rag)
So, the NASCAR season is over for another year and yet again I reign victorious! After a somewhat edgy start, I don't think it was really in doubt as I picked my way through the winners in the 2011 NASCAR Race Competition.

I will again congratulate Tony Stewart on his fantastic run in the chase and his victory in the actual championship. It is interesting to note that he won five races this season, all of which were in the chase, and I was the only one who picked him to win a race all year ... thankfully on one of the races he won. And I only picked him to win once. Although most people gave up on this fantasy game, I do think it is slightly interesting as I don't think anyone really thought Smoke was going to do it until he crossed the finish line at Homestead. I think this is probably true of a lot of fans as you kind of were waiting for something to happen to him. Edwards was always going to be the pace setter and has to be disappointed with ending up second ... on the tie breaker. I have him with an average finishing position of less than 10 (9.31 to be exact) for the entire season which is amazing consistency ... but ... it's about the wins and at the end of the day, that's what Tony had.

And now back to me. Actually, I can't say I picked the most winners this season as that honor belongs to Karen. I think I just ended up with less crash and burn picks.

Now for next season - the computer is going to get an upgrade. Rather than randomly picking from the entire list of entrants, the computer is going to employ a lot more logic in its picks and promises to be a more formidable opponent.

Guess it's Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then time to plan the Phoenix and Vegas races.


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