Viewing Competition Race Results for Phoenix International Raceway in the 2010 NASCAR Chase Race Competition

Location: Phoenix International Raceway

Race Name: Kobalt Tools 500

Phoenix is a 1 mile oval with slight banking. The race is scheduled to run on Sunday November 14th at 12:00am Pacific Time. This race will lock for selections on the 14th at 10:00am Pacific Time.

Phoenix International Raceway actual results



 Position12345678910 Start Total
Life, The Universe and EverythingCar #482999161120252417    
Pick DetailsPoints-4-4-20-7-3-20-2-3    
 Total-4-4-214-7-3-26-2-3 150 143
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Joe Gibbs for a winCar #9918481120529241643    
Pick DetailsPoints0-11-2-8-2-2-1-3-5-8    
 Total20-11-2-8-2-2-1-3-5-8 150 128
 Position12345678910 Start Total
SUPERGOLFERCar #2918248311417243342    
Pick DetailsPoints-5-11-6-1-14-110-3-12-6    
 Total-5-11-6-1-14-118-3-12-6 150 89
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Look at that 'S' car goCar #481411182199422924    
Pick DetailsPoints-4-15-9-9-4-4-6-8-3-1    
 Total-4-15-9-9-4-4-6-8-3-1 150 87
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Splat the cat blueCar #11242000183329991648    
Pick DetailsPoints-11-90-22-8-15-1-7-5-5    
 Total-11-916-22-8-15-1-7-5-5 150 83
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Buddy BearCar #4811224181442163331    
Pick DetailsPoints-4-10-6-7-8-11-9-4-12-9    
 Total-4-10-6-7-8-11-9-4-12-9 150 70
 Position12345678910 Start Total
WomblesCar #2481811993114001633    
Pick DetailsPoints-8-3-10-8-4-13-10-18-5-11    
 Total-8-3-10-8-4-13-10-18-5-11 150 60
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Weekends too short, weeks too longCar #4371236178388198718    
Pick DetailsPoints-17-31-39-33-2-24-7-20-35-3    
 Total-17-31-39-33-2-24-7-20-35-3 150 -61