Owen Finally Does It

(Posted 12:58:05 on 29th January 2023 by Rag)
No, not that. Be serious now, I've updated my website, not changed the laws of nature, physics and anything else you can think of. No, I've been tidying up the site and after eight years, I've finally closed the 2015 NASCAR Race Game and can officially declare Owen as the winner knocking me off my perch of winning five competitions.

So let's hear it for Owen and eight grueling years of effort. Slogging away day after day to finally bring home the W. Yay for Owen!!!

Anyone poking around the website will see that a new competition has been created in the Race Game for the 2023 Forumla 1 season. The competition is open to register and is ready to go. More information will be provided as we get nearer to the start of the season. The question that remains is - can Owen go back to back?


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