(Created on 25th October 2010)

Vote #169

The following question was presented:

I was trying to think of something cheesy for this week's question. I guess that it's as simple then as what's your favorite?


Cheddar was the clear winner with 60% of the votes selected from the following:

  • Brie (0%)
  • Camembert (0%)
  • Cheddar (60%)
  • Double Gloucester (0%)
  • Edam (20%)
  • Gouda (0%)
  • Monterey Jack (0%)
  • Red Leicester (20%)
  • Stilton (0%)
  • Wensleydale (0%)

Graphic of Results:


Pre-Result Discussion

26th October 2010
Cheddar is actually Carolyn's vote. I'm just acting as a proxy. However, she thought that the selection was rather weak. "Too few French selections and where the hell is Parmesean?" is how she put it.


Cheddar it is then. Seems a little boring to me, but what do I know as I'm not into those soft cheeses or French cheeses which may go some way to answering Curt's question. Parmesan probably was an oversight, but I'm limited to providing 10 choices on these votes - the limitation is that the bar graph starts to overwrite itself if I go over 10, so generally I try not to.

Oh well, 169 vote questions to date and this is the first time I've been called on not having enough options. I suppose that's pretty good going.

OK - I'm off to get some Red Leicester.