(Created on 18th October 2010)

Vote #168

The following question was presented:

I guess we're all but done with changing the website now. I think I've rolled the template out to all the pages now. The one thing I've never been able to do is come up with a decent logo. I keep going back and forth with text designs and trying to be creative with some symbol or other, but it all comes out looking like fisherman dude. What do you think would work as a logo for this site?


A cock was the clear winner with 40% of the votes selected from the following:

  • Simple text design (20%)
  • An artistic picture (0%)
  • Embedding text into a picture (0%)
  • Fisherman dude (the previous logo) (20%)
  • A symbol (20%)
  • An animal (0%)
  • A cock (40%)

Graphic of Results:



I suppose it was to be expected. I actually voted for the simple text design, although when I was messing around on my dev system, I did go for the cock option. That's pretty much why I decided to set the question in the first place.

OK - to satisfy your desire, here's the Ferrari picture of the 599xx beating the track record on the Nürburgring. (Look to the top right of the car)