Viewing Competition Race Results for Talladega Superspeedway in the 2010 NASCAR Chase Race Competition

Location: Talladega Superspeedway

Race Name: Amp Energy 500

Are you ready for “the big one”? Talladega is the biggest oval of the season being 2.66 miles long. It's built for speed and drafting, but when one car wrecks, it generally takes out a number of cars. The race is scheduled to run on Sunday October 31st at 10:00am Pacific Time. This race will lock for selections on the 31st at 8:00am Pacific Time.

Talladega Superspeedway actual results



 Position12345678910 Start Total
Life, The Universe and EverythingCar #422948882415331131    
Pick DetailsPoints-20-4-35-3-30-4-70-31    
 Total-218-4-35-3-30-4-74-31 150 56
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Splat the cat blueCar #1188514182429421648    
Pick DetailsPoints-8-37-8-27-20-2-5-5-10-3    
 Total-8-37-8-27-20-2-5-5-10-3 150 25
 Position12345678910 Start Total
SUPERGOLFERCar #2918248311417243342    
Pick DetailsPoints-1-23-27-3-36-25-90-8-7    
 Total-1-23-27-3-36-25-96-8-7 150 17
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Joe Gibbs for a winCar #883142481214129205    
Pick DetailsPoints-38-390-3-5-25-29-6-4-1    
 Total-38-3916-3-5-25-29-6-4-1 150 16
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Look at that 'S' car goCar #481411182199422924    
Pick DetailsPoints-6-29-6-21-25-30-10-5-7-2    
 Total-6-29-6-21-25-30-10-5-7-2 150 9
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Buddy BearCar #4811224181442163331    
Pick DetailsPoints-6-7-27-4-20-25-4-11-8-31    
 Total-6-7-27-4-20-25-4-11-8-31 150 7
 Position12345678910 Start Total
Weekends too short, weeks too longCar #624716149811824866    
Pick DetailsPoints-20-6-15-15-26-7-2-21-2-34    
 Total-20-6-15-15-26-7-2-21-2-34 150 2
 Position12345678910 Start Total
WomblesCar #294818119922013114    
Pick DetailsPoints-1-5-22-5-12-24-2-28-32-21    
 Total-1-5-22-5-12-24-2-28-32-21 150 -2