Security Note

Although every effort will be made to keep your details confidential, lets face it, I'm not a security guru. So, chances are that anyone determined enough could get to your records. As this sign up is to simply get onto a mailing list, you should probably use a very easy to remember password and not one that you use for, say banking or any other relevant pin.

EBR is considering future enhancements in the area of security. Consideration is being given to employing the latest technology for Featured Area Recognition Testing. This technology enables bio metrics to be performed on selected areas, such as hand or face, in order to carry out authentication. The obvious draw back to this is the deployment of the technology to each user which would be somewhat cost prohibitive.

Those of you smart enough to have figured it out already will know that it would be best to follow the guidance in the first paragraph and not use the same password as you are doing for other more secure sites. Regardless of how cost inefficient the alternate technology is, yep, if you've got it already by guessing the acronym, it would just mean that I have to FART in your FACE. And you probably wouldn't want that. Although, thinking about it, it would probably be a better deterrent than any firewall.