Graffiti Wall Instructions

The Graffiti Wall is a place where you can express your creativity. It is a place where you can enter jokes, quotes, limericks or anything that you think other people may find funny.

In order to enter a graffiti item, you first need to click on the "Show Panel" button to display the graffiti data entry form. You then simply need to enter the details and click submit. You must enter a name in the name box, but this will not be displayed - it's more to help with the sorting of data. There are five boxes in which to enter your graffiti. Each box is limited to 70 characters. HTML tags will not work - this is a simple text display. Also, you cannot use speech marks " - use apostrophies instead '.

Finally, you will need to enter the codeword before clicking submit. The simple reason for the code word is to prevent automated scripts from filling up the page with advertisements. The codeword is an image of a word.

After you have submitted your graffiti, you will be able to preview it before finalizing. The image is presented to you against the graffiti wall background. If it looks goo, great - just click the "OK" button and you're done. If you don't like the look of the font or the color, click the "regenerate" button. The graffiti wall creates an image from the text you enter. Regenerate simply recreates it again assigning font and color randomly. If you dislike your graffiti or you made a mistake, click "delete" and try again.

To exit the graffiti wall, again click on the "Show Panel" to reveal the data entry form. On the right, buttons will appear that can be used to navigate to other parts of the EastBayRag website. Alternatively you can just click on the X in the top right hand corner to close your browser and go do something more interesting.

After clicking on the "Show Panel" button, the text of that button will change to "Hide Panel" through the wizardry of javascript. At any time, click on the "Hide Panel" to, guess what? Hide the panel and return the window back to its original state.