Open Forum Data Entry Detailed Instructions

Most of the form is pretty straight forward and shouldn't give you much of a problem. Please note that all of the fields are required with the exception of attaching a picture (which is optional).

So, start by entering your name (or a nickname that you want to go by, but something you want to publish your article under. Next enter the country you are in. There's no real reason for this country other than the fact that I'm interested in where people are when they wrote the article.

Next, enter a title for your article. Something witty is always good, but I'll leave it up to you.

Then the details, write whatever takes your fancy. Now, up to you how clever you want to be, but HTML tags are allowed with the exception of the div tag. You can get creative and enter different font colors, use italics, bold etc. You get the picture.

Which happens to be a great segway into the attaching a picture. If you would like to include a picture in your article use the browse button to locate the picture file and you're done - as simple as that. As noted on the form, you can only submit .jpg, .gif or .png files. Anything else will be rejected (post upload, so you will sit through the upload before you find out it is rejected, so try and be careful). Note that it's just .jpg, so if you have a .jpeg file, you will need to rename it before submitting. Be advised that the file you submit is not the file that will be published. The file you submit is converted to a new .jpg file for display. A thumbnail is created and then, if the original image is big enough, a larger image is created that will allow someone to double click on the thumbnail to see the larger image. (This happens automatically, so you don't have worry about it). The picture will appear on the right of the article and text will wrap to the left of it.

Finally, enter the codeword and click submit. The codeword is simply to prevent automated scripts from entering adverts all over the page.

After submitting your article, you will get the opportunity to view it and will be able to edit it if you have made a mistake. Note, this is your only opportunity to make edits. You can't come back later and try to make changes. Also, please note that if you make a change and have a picture in your article, you will need to re-attach it when you resubmit.

Comments are always welcome, so any problems or thoughts, click on the contact link and send me an email.