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I've been playing Clash of Clans for a while now .... quite a long while! I was going to give it up and then Supercell released clan wars which injected a new dimension into the game. I think the reason that the game is so popular is that there are many dimensions to it and many different ways to play the game. I like the war scene. Others like trophy pushing and others just farming. Many, many reasons, but the reality is that it's stayed an immensely popular game for a very long time.

This part of this website was initialy created to help folks new to Clash of Clans, particularly those joining the first real clan I joined - PwC Spartans. It then became a place to provide materials to folks in my new clan, PwC Warriors, on how to learn certain strategies. I've since deleted the materials I originally created as they are out of date and not really any use to anyone anymore (they would probably hurt rather than help). To be honest, it's really just a dumping ground for me to keep replays that have some interest at the time of the raid. There are plenty of materials out there that cover the basics and there are a lot of “Let's Play” guides on YouTube that are worth watching if you are new to the game.

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