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I started in the PwC SPA-RTANS clan when clan wars first dropped. Spartans is a great clan and I had a lot of fun there progressing my base, but a few of us decided we wanted to take Clan Wars more seriously and so I created a break away clan PwC Warriors. We are still friend with the folks in Spartans and some of the players bounce between the clans depending on their schedule. The issue with Clan Wars is that you really need everyone in the clan to participate. If people don't turn up and you forfeit attacks then you really don't stand much chance of winning battles. This is a log of the wars I participated in with the PwC SPA-rtans.



Our inaugural clan war. We launched into a 40 v 40 battle not really knowing how everything worked. Many of our clan were dormant at the time, so this had all the makings of a disaster. Fortunately the clan we were against had exactly the same problem and we were able to win comfortably. I remember my first battle that I completely messed up, but managed to get one star. I was confused as to what came out of my clan castle when I attacked. I thought you got what was in your defensive war castle .... oh how much we've all learned since then!

Rag 4 stars (1 & 3 - first attack confused, hyped and trying to figure out what was going on)
EastBayRag 6 stars

2. PwC SPA-RTANS 74 v BigTest 30

A culling of some clan members and we dropped to a 35 v 35 war. BigTest didn't prove to be much of a test and this was a really easy win. I think this might have been their first war and they were figuring out the game.

Rag 5 stars (3 & 2 - time issue)
EastBayRag 6 stars

3. PwC SPA-RTANS 69 v Loose Seals 32

Further culling and we dropped to a 30 v 30 war. The 69 stars is a pretty strong result for a 30 person team, although this was the war where our opposing clan didn't fill their defensive clan castles making it very easy to launch an attack and not have to worry about any surprises.

Rag 6 stars
EastBayRag 6 stars

4. PwC SPA-RTANS 61 v A Team Name written in Chinese 64

Another 30 v 30 war and our first loss. This was a really good, close battle, but they had some pretty strong bases that proved very difficult to attack. A lot of our clan had difficulties with their clan castle troops, particularly as many of their bases were designed to make it difficult to bait them out before launching an attack. I'm told the enemy clan translates to Mongolian Warriors, but I can't vouch for that.

Even though we lost, I made a brief video of clan war 4 highlights.

Rag 5 stars (3 & 2 - not enough fire power on second attack)
EastBayRag 5 stars (3 & 2 ran out of time)

5. PwC SPA-RTANS 72 v The Evil Withing 63

Some new members to the clan and we're back up to a 35 v 35 war. This war was a lot easier than the score suggests. A lot of folks, myself included, just went for one star loot raids at the end as their team had a lot of high bases with the town halls on the outside.

Rag 4 stars (3 & 1 - last attack loot only raid on TH 10 with TH on outside)
EastBayRag 6 stars

6. PwC SPA-RTANS 78 v AZN Invasion 76

The closest battle yet and the most exiting finish so far in another 35 v 35 match. I have to say that I predicted that we'd need 77 stars to win at the start and that proved to be right. This was an amazing clan effort and there were so many fantastic performances, most of which came from our Town Hall 7 and lower villages as they managed to put 3 stars on their counterparts.

There is a video of clan war 6 highlights. Additionally I also made a video showing how I used scouting to plan attacks.

Rag 6 stars
EastBayRag 6 stars

7. PwC SPA-RTANS 79 v Red 7 71

A draw against what looked like a really good team that had won 11 battles in this 35 v 35 match up. Unfortunately you can't see whether they had lost any or if they were undefeated until they met us. Red 7 put some devastating hog attacks on our top guys, but the defenses at the lower levels held really well against their low level attacks and we were able to put enough successful raids in to make it reasonably comfortable.

There is a video of clan war 7 highlights. Additionally I also made a video showing the folks I know failing big.

Rag 4 stars (3 & 1 - tried to go big. Managed loot)
EastBayRag 6 stars


This looked on paper like it was going to be another tough week, but it turned out to be pretty one sided in another 35 v 35 war. AMP Thailand had won 12 wars, but you can't see the losses, so this may be because they have entered a lot of wars. In fairness, some of their defenses were pretty good, but not as good as ours and they were unable to get many successful raids in. More importantly they only managed three 3 star attacks which isn't going to be enough to win a war. You really need to get as many of those 3 star raids on the board as you can.

There is a video of clan war 8 highlights. Additionally I also made another video of scouting for an attack.

Rag 6 stars (go big second raid)
EastBayRag 6 stars

9. PwC SPA-RTANS 70 v A Team Name written in Chinese 97

Another raid against a Chinese team and another loss .... is there a pattern here? I'm told that this clan name translates to The Retards. I have no way of checking this and all I can say is that they were anything but. There are times when you have to admit to being beaten by the better side and this is one of them. We were wrecked! These guys had really well thought out defenses. Simple premise, keep the air defenses in tight to the town hall to prevent dragon attacks and make it hard to pull out the clan castle troops to prevent hog attacks. And if their defenses were good, their attack strategies were devastating. A mixture of hog and dragon raids tore through all our villages.

This week I put together a video of the enemy crushing us. The video is probably a bit long and I'll apologize in advance for the music. There wasn't a lot to say about the hog attacks as they were text book raids - take out the clan castle troops and heroes then launch 2 streams of hogs.

Rag 6 stars (hogs level 3)
EastBayRag 6 stars (dragons)

10. PwC SPA-RTANS 81 v A Team Name written in Chinese 94

Another loss. I think there may be a trend now as the only big teams that are waring are dedicated teams. These guys have won 22 wars which is more than double what we've entered. Additionally, there were not enough base changes on our side, so ... surprise, surprise, the same thing happened and they were hogged out, I tweaked Rag and it held to 1 star, but EastBayRag failed miserably and went down in dragon flames.

This week's video only features my dragon raid against their number 2 as I didn't see much point in showing our bases going down in flames again - you can watch last week's video and put a bit of tape over the team name.

Rag 5 stars (hog fail on second attack allowed too many dragons to die)
EastBayRag 6 stars (dragons)


The losses are piling up. Same issue - not enough participation on our side and we're finding stronger opponents.

Rag 4 stars (pushed too hard on first attack)
EastBayRag 6 stars

12. PwC SPA-RTANS 86 v farming nation 72

What can I say? A return to winning ways, but absolutely no thanks to me. I had my worst week ever. Think I'm trying too hard and pushing even harder. I think we were lucky with this draw as the enemy were really not very good.

Rag 3 stars (3 and 0 ... pushed hogs too hard)
EastBayRag 3 stars (2 and 1 ... pushed hogs too hard and bad spell timing)

Warriors War Log