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12009-01-29276Road Trip Blogs
22009-01-29277Sights and Sounds Along The Way
32009-02-07278If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire .....
42009-02-12280T-Minus 2 and counting
52009-02-12281Back to earth with a dump
62009-02-13282Dilemma time
72009-02-13283Unorthodox picnic
82009-02-14285Friday the 13th part 42
92009-02-14286The Dynamic Duo
112009-02-14288Grand Caravan of Love - Stand up, Stand up
122009-02-15289The Great American Farce
132009-02-16290Rock Bottom
142009-02-16291Coast to Coast - I should Cocoa
152009-02-17292Cold or Scold
162009-02-18293Twin Peaks
172009-02-18294Hooray for Dollywood
182009-02-18295Running in Memphis
192009-02-19296Hunka Hunka Balding Knob
202009-02-20297From Bald Knob to No Knob
212009-02-20298Unlike Dorothy we are still in Kansas - Unfortunately
222009-02-21299This Little Piggy
232009-02-21300Update on the Wanconda Motel
242009-02-21301A day filled with song
252009-02-21302Texas Steak Depository
272009-02-23304Do bears shit in the woods?
282009-02-23305The 3:10 to Yuma
292009-02-24306Them's Fighting Words
302009-02-24307Shower shenanigans
312009-02-25308Happy Birthday To Me
322009-02-25309Fatman and Hobbling ride again
332009-02-25310Tuba Smarties
342009-02-25311Yellow Pages
352009-02-26312And The Bands Played On
362009-02-26313More shower shenanigans
372009-02-26314Hot, Cold and ....?
382009-02-26315More bathroom notes
392009-02-26316Best laid plans of fatman and hobbling often go awry
412009-02-27318Getting my kicks on Route 66
422009-02-27319Vegas on a budget
442009-02-28321Not so noisy neighbours
452009-03-01322Nationwide is on your side
462009-03-02323The End of The Road
472009-03-03324Not quite full circle
482009-03-04325Dollar get an F for Math
492009-03-09327Post road-trip blues

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